Motorola Droid V Eris-How Much Longer Does Motorola Droid Last?

I bought an Eris on day one-didn't even know about the Eris until I walked into the store. It was one of the few purchases I made without research. I was glad I did for a while, but then the battery life was driving me crazy so I took it back. Still on the fence between Omnia II and Motorola Droid...I might be able to get a MUCH better deal on a Droid with a price match.

Would I get better battery life with a Motorola Droid?


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But on a serious note you have to break in the battery. I know you don't want to hear this but ill say it anyways for the first week my droids battery SUCKED. After 5 hours it was at 10%. Now after 12 hours of work constant notifications and web browsing with no charging at all I have 20% of battery left very often. Can't be so picky man you should have asked on here first thats what I did.