Motorola Droid X + Extras

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Sep 9, 2010
Well - I just preordered my HTC Thunderbolt, so it's time to start trying to get rid of my Droid X.
I originally got the phone in November of 2010. This phone has never been rooted\tampered with...

Included in the sale:
- Motorola Droid X [with original packaging\accessories\battery\charger] (New: $570 w\o contract)
- Motorola Droid X extended battery [with extended battery door] (New: $55)
- Motorola Droid X home\desk dock [with the original packaging] (New: $30)
- Sandisk 16gb MicroSD (the card that came stock with the phone)
- Sandisk 32gb MicroSD (New: $75)
- HDMI Cable (New: ~$20)

Total when new: ~$750
Estimated USED total\request: ~$300-$375 (offers ARE accepted and seriously considered)

The phone is in perfect condition, and has no physical\visible flaws.

I am only interested in selling everything together...

** I DO have online selling\buying experience and I can provide some "references" and proof of this.
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