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Motorola G5 Plus , model number XT1686 has crashed (got into bootloop during manual restart)

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Gourav Sarker, Jan 17, 2020.

  1. Gourav Sarker

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    My mobile phone Motorola G5 Plus , model number XT1686 has crashed (got into bootloop during manual restart) . Have installed the latest Lenovo Motorola Service Assistant on Laptop from motorola website .

    What happens if i try to wipe the cache partition from the recovery mode .

    Attaching the phone in fast boot mode with the laptop with the lmsa_v4.5.0.14_setup is asking to download phone software recovery package which approx 1.3 GB. downloading the same on to my laptop . Prefer to go for a soft reset without wiping out the data.

    Have tried wiping out the Cache memory only from Fastboot-> Recovery Mood > Wipe Cache Partition on my Moto G5 Plus and attempted restart in normal mode as well as factory mode from fast boot but the phone continues to restart after the password is typed in to the phone. Problem occurred since yesterday night after i attempted a normal phone restart .

    Post installation of Lenovo Motorola Smart Assistant Latest version got the phone in fastboot mode and connected to the laptop, went to the Flash Tab and two options are available :-
    1 - Upgrade
    2- Rescue

    Choose "Switch to Rescue" button on the User Interface of the application under Rescue Section which took asked to enter the model details of the phone followed by connecting the phone phone to the laptop. After connecting the phone in fast boot mode it detected the phone and downloaded a 1.3 GB of zip file for flashing the phone but the Application showed a message that it might erase the data on the phone memory hence did not go forward with the flashing .

    Need to find out some way of fixing the boot issue or ways to recover data from the phone memory at any cost . If any paid software and methods capable of doing so I am looking forward to getting the same done as the data is precious.

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  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    sorry but you most likely will have to flash a firmware to recover your phone. this will indeed wipe all of your data. in this situation there is no other alternative.

    now as far as any paid programming goes, i think most of those that claim a full recovery of a phone without losing data is a scam. i would be very careful if you go that route.
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