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Tips Motorola i1 update released

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by civicscootin, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. civicscootin

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    Jan 10, 2011

    However not a firmware update to 1.6 or above this update is pretty much just for bug fixes..

    However take note that the update was pulled due to issue's (power cycles, Bluetooth issues, ext...)
    Also this update was only intended for Nextel/Sprint users as the Boost update had to be re-written..
    So far it has been stated that over 2,300 users have done the update so lets hope thats enough users to complain toward Moto to get a fix out sooner then later~

    It has been stated that a fix should be made before the end of the month (Jan. 2011).. Lets hope for good things..

    Heres a copy of what has been stated from the source (Sprint site): Motorola i1: Motorola i1 Maintenance Releases Blog

    VersionRelease DateDescription of Enhancement/Fixes------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------RBE.03.00
    01/12/2011 (OTW)
    01/14/2011 (OTA)
    Motorola has temporarily pulled this update from their website. It should be re-released in a few days and will be available to those who haven't yet updated as well as those who updated prior to the release being pulled. There is no immediate action you need to take.
    - User can get PTT calls while busy in datea
    - Ability to increase font size in the email application
    - Hotmail Performance enhancement provides ability to better process mail
    over iDEN
    - YouTube application support
    - Out of Range PTT IDs can receive PTT calls from users on the same fleet
    - Remote Password Reset allows Care to auto reset a phone if lost
    - Consistently delete emails from trash folder
    - Pattern lock (keypad lock) as password for Exchange policy.
    - Presented with Gmail login screen when selecting "Forgot Pattern" after an
    incorrect pattern entered
    - Ignore touch speaker button while in dispatch call and proximity sensor active
    to prevent Field feedback
    - EAS-APP authorization when '\user:passwd' is sent by the client
    - EAS-APP ability to sync when user name contains a space
    - Google Voice numeric and +1 dialing issue
    - Google Voice Recognition Fails due to length
    - MP3 Music Playback Issue
    - Populating UA Prof in Android Browser
    - Phone screen stays locked if other party ends call issue
    - Touch Screen generating false gestures or taps issue
    - [Call Alert] Incoming alert from unsaved number shows PTT # twice issue
    - [Group Connect] Typo in "invalid group size" error message issue
    - [Auto Reply] Auto reply messages are MMS for inter-carrier issue
    - WiFi indicates 'Turning On', but never changes state
    - MyNextel Address Book template pushes not being received correctly
    - Charging with phone OFF is showing incorrect percentage
    - Photo, see location, no marker issue
    - Email notification sound coming through during PTT Call
    - Get multiple alert sounds when powering on device
    - Personal Portal: MMS sending show message twice
    - Check Developer: maps MyLocationOverlay issue
    - Opus and Yahoo! pop email issue
    - Camcorder and Sound recorder have very static background noise
    - Personal Portal: can't use email address to send
    - R0FF0 Reset
    - Personal Portal: can't respond to MMS that came in from email
    - Personal Portal: auto refresh clears the compose field
    - Device power cycles when a QVGA file is streamed
    - Migration from PPG to DPS issue
    - Sprint Zone Version # to be Updated
    - Check Solution for "Too Many Attempts" password fail - phone locks

    Discuss it here
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------RBE.01.027/23/2010- Intitial Release-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Important Notes:
    - Customers cannot make or receive calls while the download is in process
    - Over the Wire update cannot use Nextel Online (NOL) Network; must use a Wi-Fi session
    - The OTA (over the air) update can be inititiated by the customer following the steps below; There may not be a notification
    pushed to your phone indicating an update is available.

    Update your software Over the Air

    1. Go the the Home screen
    2. Tap Settings > About Phone > System Updates
    3. Follow the on-screen instructions

    Update Your Software Over the Wire - Availablility date slipped from 1/7 to 1/12; it is now ready for download
    1. Go to the Home screen
    2. Click on Settings/USB/Memory Card
    3 Keep the phone tethered to the computer and Download the Software from the Motorola website

    to the Root Directory of the phone.
    4. Set up a Wi-Fi Session (Note: The Software can only be downloaded through a Wi-Fi session; cannot use
    the Nextel Online (NOL) Network
    5. Tap Settings/About Phone/System Updates
    6. When going to system updates the phone will check if WiFi available for over-the-air download and if not
    available then will check root directory on SD card

    Check the software version on your phone
    1. Go to the Home screen
    2. Tap Settings > About Phone > Trace Mode > Unit info > Software
    3. The build number and software number will show you the version on your phone.

    Note: Comments are restricted on this blog. As new maintenance releases are available, a new thread will be
    posted and linked to in this blog. Please post any comments under that thread for the specific
    maintenance release.



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