Dec 2, 2009
Well i started with Media link, I have about 650 songs to sync with my Droid, it only did about 100 or so. I then went to DT, it only did 70 or so, then it linked me to Itunes Plus. Most of my library is DRM protected?! Then Itunes wants an additional $126.00 to "unlock" my library...........uugghhhhhhhh!!!

Needless to say i didnt,wont and never will pay twice for music i can "get" in other ways. So am i stuck with around 80 songs? Any advice would be appreciated. Love the Droid btw........dumped my Iphone a week ago...........free at last....free at last..............
Burn all the songs to CD's then RIP them back onto your computer and suffer with the quality loss, find a less then legal method of stripping the DRM and probably suffer with the quality loss, just pirate the rest of the songs, or pay your $126 tax and be done with the devil.
I thought doubletwist could remove itunes DRM, at least that was it's initial purpose. I know it's shifted focus lately so I'm not sure if it can still remove DRM or not.

Tuneclone is another program that can remove itunes DRM.
Instructions in the link below.
Remove iTunes DRM on Windows and Mac
I suppose it is! I never venture into these waters much because I avoid DRM, suppose I should not be making forum posts about it then! Great info I'll keep this in my mind for my wife...........