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Motorola Milestone coming to Orange UK soon!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by epuiatti, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. epuiatti

    epuiatti Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I stopped off in carphone warehouse on my way home today and asked one of their staff when the milestone was due(was expecting a confused face) but he told me that it will be coming to Orange UK in a "few weeks", i asked him if it was just a rumour and he told me "its pretty set in stone, but they haven't announced it to the public yet". With Nexus One coming to Vodafone in a few weeks too, its looking good for us brits now.

  2. celios

    celios Well-Known Member

    That's good news! The Milestone deserves more sales channels than just SIM-free via online sellers.

    I heard that Orange dropped the N97 Mini just after New Year due to a high number of returns, so maybe they are getting the Milestone instead.
  3. inaroundroom

    inaroundroom Lurker

    Would hope that Orange doesn't try and customise the device to much and allow OTA updates from motorola rather than controlling the firmware.
  4. Amdroid

    Amdroid Newbie

    Milestone, X10 or Nexus One. Whoever gets to the UK with a decent package from O2 or Orange first gets my business. Ive had enough of waiting for a phone since October 09.
  5. inaroundroom

    inaroundroom Lurker

    Why not just buy a nexus one direct from google and choose a sim only deal? All the UK providers do them on a 1month contract...
  6. Amdroid

    Amdroid Newbie

    I'm hoping if it comes to Orange or others they will offer a
  7. TheBrit

    TheBrit Android Expert

    Hey Amdroid, Nexus One will be on Vodafone soon. Milestone on Orange is good news if it's true.
  8. Amdroid

    Amdroid Newbie

    Ive never been with Vodafone, Ive always been happy with the service from O2 and Orange. T-Mobile was a let down so I'm almost scared to move to another provider just because they offer the phone I want at this point in time.

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