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Motorola Moto G broken storage (HELP!!!!)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Eugen Segov, Jun 3, 2017.

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    Let me tell my story, it happened this winter, in the autumn i accidentaly broke my screen, and i have bought one new from Aliexpress.com, so the phone with stock rom, rooted and xposed on it was lying on the table for aproximately 2-3 months, and when i received the parcel and changed the screen i turned it on and it worked fine,but not for too much time, the same day, in the evening i went outside and it were cold,i used it for 30 mins only,and then i received a call that i couldn't answer because of a lot of crashes that were appearing on the screen , i turned it off, and i thought it was because of the temperature, when i went home , i wanted to instal twrp recovery to erase everything and to install stock with no root and xposed, because it wont boot up, so i entered the fastboot(it is unlocked)and from pc flashed twrp, and when i selected the recovery in the menu it token 10 mins to enter it, and there were a lot of errors like ("could not mount /data")
    ,and when i cheked the /data partition in recovery it says that it has 0mb,and i was not able to flash anything using recovery, then i went back to fastboot to reflash stock 4.4.4 rom but unsuccesfully , fastboot on pc says ("Okay"), but phone still try to boot up Android 5.1, even the boot animation does not change
    My phone: Motorola Moto G GPE XT1032 8GB

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