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motorola OEM home and car phone chargers 100% compatible with captivate!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SGS2, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. SGS2

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    :) hi.

    motorola OEM phone car and home chargers are 100% compatible with captivate (motorola home RAPID charger, motorola CAR charger, and also older motorola marco usb chargers (connected with a macro to micro usb reducer if you have one)!

    i had a zip lock bag full of OEM motorola micro usb chargers i bought and also came in with the many motorola phones i have purchased over the years, before i converted to samsung captivate.

    as we know, the UNIVERSAL, non OEM, non samsung car charger fits very poorly, yes, even with the captivate sliding door pushed wide open. plus, it is a universal aftermarket charger, NOT samsung OEM. i bought my captivate at an at&t corporate store, NOT a franchise.

    what is even better, motorola's macro usb home rapid charger, which has a faster charge rate, can be connected to a micro usb reducer, and charge your captivate in 50% less time.

    i was worried the battery or phone could be fried, but that is simply not true. plus, i have used the motorola rapid home charger, a macro charger with a micro usb reducer, for almost a year since i have had my captivate.

    in my opinion, the car charger sold by at&t separately, at an at&t company store, NOT an independent dealer, at the time, was a UNIVERSAL micro usb charger. i think samsung was in a big hurry to rush to market when the captivate came out. in the old days, new phones had a OEM home and OEM car charger included, but those days are long gone.

    so, if you have an OEM motorola micro usb home or car chargers, or OEM motorola macro chargers, home and car, AND a reducer to attach a macro usb to a micro usb, that works fine.

    i will only purchase OEM motorola car and OEM motorola home chargers, directly from motorola usa, due to the better quality and a rapid charger. aftermarket items are pieces of crap.

    hope this helps.

    beware of dealers, as they will say motorola OEM, but they are lying. so, get it from motorola usa directly.

  2. AmericanJoe

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    Same here. I have an unused Droid X and noticed the connector was the same as my Samsung. Plugged it in and away we go with charging. Now I can have a charger at home AND at work. Plus, the data cable I used for the phone and Motorola Phone Tools works great as a Samsung data cable.

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