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Motorola RAZR Case: the RAZR Sleeve ($99)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Rob, Jan 30, 2020.

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    The Motorola RAZR isn't your average Android Phone thanks to its nostalgic flip. That means regular cases won't work- Motorola had to go back to the flip phone drawing board. The result: the Razr Sleeve.

    The Razr Sleeve is basically the only officially supported Motorola Razr case and it'll set you back $100. Considering the phone is $1500 itself- that's nuts. But we can't say we're surprised.

    razr-sleeve-case.png razr-sleeve-case2.png razr-sleeve-case3.png 1.png

    This is how Motorola officially describes it:

    Travel in style: the razr sleeve keeps the razr protected when you’re on the go. A soft microfiber interior cradles the phone, providing 360 degree protection. Premium leather exterior and thread stitching complement the stylish razr design.

    Quick access: a secure magnetic closure keeps the sleeve closed. Flip open the front to get access to key features on the razr using the Quick View display. Respond to notifications, make phone calls, take selfies, and more, all while the phone is closed and protected inside the sleeve.
    The only color available color is Black but we expect that to change after the device's launch. It remains to be seen if other popular cases by the likes of Spigen, Otterbox, and Incipio. You can bet your bottom dollar they'll have specialized screen protectors as well... but if you already forked out $1600 for the phone and a case, we're guessing a $50 screen protector won't be your bottom dollar.

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