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Motorola Service Account Error

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by BigKayDaddy, May 24, 2011.

  1. BigKayDaddy

    BigKayDaddy Member
    Thread Starter

    I removed my sim card to use in another phone to place a protective skin on my Atrix 4G and it needed time to dry. When I put my sim card back into the Atrix, I got an error message "Motorola Service Account Error."

    I have no idea what this is and all it is telling me is "The account you are using is associated with another device. Please contact customer service to reset the device."

    Can anyone provide some feedback as to what I can do?

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  2. JP_GXP

    JP_GXP Member

    I got a new Atrix (warranty), swapped everything over, and both of them say that now. It's no skin of my hide though, Blur's about to be gone.
  3. BigKayDaddy

    BigKayDaddy Member
    Thread Starter

    What are you going to do to fix it?
  4. JP_GXP

    JP_GXP Member

    I'm gonna freeze everything soon. Side note, it stopped popping up, maybe it corrected itself?
  5. james27007

    james27007 Look into my Eye

    I had the same issue and found out why. My Atrix battery died so I pulled out my old Backflip. Well having let someone else use it, I did a factory reset put my sim card in and logged into motoblur (using the same e-mail and password as my Atrix, opps) well my motoblur account moved to the Backflip. Once the Atrix was charged and I put my sim back in, I got the same error. I called Motorola and they said that you can only use one phone with that account, once I registered my Backflip on that account; the one on the Atrix was no go. They do this in case you sell your phone, the new used cannot access your motoblur stuff if you forgot to reset the phone. The only fix, factory reset the Atrix and sign in again as though it is a new phone. To balance things out, I reset the Backflip and signed in using a bogus e-mail so it was a new account. Then reset the Atrix and signed in with my normal e-mail. Well all fixed. Moral of the story, every time you reset your Atrix or use another motoblur phone, use a new e-mail address each time.

    BTY what was the "other phone" you put your sim in?
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  6. BigKayDaddy

    BigKayDaddy Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the advice. Sucks I have to do a factory reset because I have my phone rooted and all...

    My other phone was a Motorola Bravo.
  7. BigKayDaddy

    BigKayDaddy Member
    Thread Starter

    Does this error affect the functionality of the phone whatsoever?
  8. james27007

    james27007 Look into my Eye

    Other than that stupid popup and not being able to use the motoblur website locator stuff, not that I was able to find. The pop is really annoying though

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