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Motorola Spice XT300 Youtube cannot see video

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by iago94010, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. iago94010

    iago94010 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I cannot see any video with the Youtube widget. I get the error message 'Sorry, this video cannot be played. There was a problem while playing'. The Wifi is working. Any ideas what is wrong? Thank you.

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  2. Ebonyleg

    Ebonyleg Lurker

    The reason why the youtube app that comes with the motorola spice xt300 does not work is because youtube requires a min of flash player 10 and above to play HQ(high quality videos) the moto spice xt300 comes with flash 9.0 hence it is unable to play youtube videos of HQ. Here is work around to allow you to see the youtube videos. when you click on the video that you want to play, there is a (1 or 2 seconds time frame when you will see the message 'loading video') at the bottom of this message you will see flash player video controls (<<rewind - pause|| - Forward>>). To the right of this controls you will the letters 'HQ' in red. Quickly click on this letters (once)while video is loading. It will turn grey or light grey. (this means that the video is no longer of High quality) you will then be able to see your yourtube video. It play on low quality, enough for flash player 9, to stream it. Another option is to get flash player 10.1

    here is how.
    First of all, download &#8216;flash_for_2.1.zip&#8217; from the link given at the end of this article and extract the .apk file that it contains to your computer. Now connect your phone to your computer via USB and copy the .apk file to your SD card&#8217;s root folder. Make sure that you don&#8217;t copy it to a sub-folder as it will not work that way.
    Next, install the &#8216;Apps Installer&#8217; application, which can be found at the Android Market on your phone. Once it has been installed, launch it and follow its instructions to browse to the .apk file that you copied to your storage card, and install it.
    Once the installation is finished, reboot your phone, and you&#8217;re done. You can now start browsing flash websites on your phone. do a google search for 'flash_for_2.1zip' you will find it at addictivetipsDOTcom. ( i am not allowed to post a link) good luck

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