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General Motorola Triumph or Samsung Exhibit II 4G

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by m21out, Feb 19, 2012.


Motorola Triumph vs Samsung Exhibit II 4G

  1. Samsung Exhibit II 4G

    18 vote(s)
  2. Motorola Triumph

    2 vote(s)
  1. m21out

    m21out Member
    Thread Starter

    Nov 15, 2011
    I need help in deciding between these two phones. The motorola triumph has the bigger screen and HDMI output and some say a bit faster but the Exhibit II has the clearer screen, 4G and newer OS (And I actually like touchwiz). I don't really want to root to get the Triumph to 2.3, and I don't really care much about the camera and games because I use my iTouch for that. Can someone help me decide which phone to get?


  2. surgerush

    surgerush Well-Known Member

    Oct 18, 2011
    New York State
    It really comes down to preferences and service. I was with Virgin and had the Optimus V for about a month, Virgin's service kind of sucked here, I get much better service with T-Mo even though I heard nothing but bad about them around here, I've so far, had a very good experience with T-Mo.

    I've also heard of a lot of people having a lot of problems with the Triumph, when I had my OV, there were a lot of people saying they went back to the OV even though the OV was basically a downgrade from the Triumph. The Triumph is also $100 more, and unless you grandfathered the $25 plan, Virgin is $5 more a month.

    On Virgin mobile you do get 300 minutes a month as apposed to 100 minutes a month, but only 3g data speeds instead of 4g, and right there is where I was definitely going with the T-Mo plan, the 4g is SO much nicer than Virgin's 3g. There are ways to get unlimited calling through your data, and this is going to work MUCH better over the 4g instead of the 3g, BUT I had very bad luck with it, but others have had great luck. Looks like it really comes down to about where you're located. (I know there are other plans, I was just going off the cheap plans most people go with.)

    I definitely would not trade my Exhibit II for a Triumph, but in the end it's really all on what YOU like. They are very different in many different ways, the pros on one to me or someone else may be cons to another person and vice versa.

    What I would do is make a list of what is important to YOU, then compare side by side which meets YOUR standards for what you want.

    I hope I helped at all, all that probably wasn't very helpful.]

    Edit: I did select the Exhibit II in the poll, because that is what I would personally choose.

    Also, here is a link to compare both phones side by side.

    Samsung Exhibit II 4G Vs Motorola Triumph
  3. jntdroid

    jntdroid Well-Known Member

    Aug 18, 2010
    Unless screen size is a big issue, I'd take the ExII. I was one of those that had the Triumph and went back to the ever-solid Optimus V. Good in concept, and had some strengths, but had some big issues as well. The ExII feels like a more complete, well-done phone. The Triumph felt like an afterthought from Motorola (or Huwaie actually). I guess the other factor is the network. Unless there's no Tmo coverage for you, and great Virgin (Sprint basically) coverage, I think you'll be happy to do the ExII.
  4. SwiitDii

    SwiitDii Member

    Jan 14, 2011
    Well I have both and I'd definitely choose the Exhibit over the Triumph. I love the triumph's larger screen and that I'm able to install Cyanogenmod which I have. Its a great phone but Virgin mobile's data speed sucks compared to Tmobile's. Also the screen on the triumph is not as responsive as the exhibits. If data is important to you then don't even think about going with Virgin. I have Tmobile's $30 plan with 5gb of 4g data and I couldn't be happier. I can finally watch youtube videos and search anything online super fast when I'm not at home. That to me is important. I also don't talk much so this works for me.
  5. Intercepter

    Intercepter Well-Known Member

    Sep 4, 2011
    I just made the switch from the triumph to the exhibit myself. The only thing I will miss is the triumph screen ( it was beautiful ) and it seemed snappier too, but that is it. the triumph's battery life sucked big time, virgin mobiles service (sprint) sucked big time. the battery on the exhibit already out lasts the triumph by a wide margin and tmobiles coverage is awesome here. and the big thing is that tmobile has wifi calling and I really need that where I work.
  6. msaeger

    msaeger Well-Known Member

    Feb 19, 2012
    If you use a lot of data Virgin now throttles after you get to 2.5 gb.
  7. nickmorin99

    nickmorin99 Member

    Sep 11, 2011
    I just switched from the Triumph to the Exhibit last weekend. I'm glad I made the switch. The screen is terrible on the Triumph. It misses taps half the time and back button works after about 4-5 tries. Its a common problem among those phone. The GPS takes ~5 minutes to lock on. The battery life is not good. If you do get the Triumph, root it and install FroyoCream Sandwich right away. Its a lot better than the stock ROM and everything works, not like in CM7. With all this being said it is still easily the best phone on Virgin and still a decent phone in general as long as you are able to live with the quirks. It took about 8 months for me to get fed up with them.

    The Exhibit is perfect size IMO. The two phone have close to the same specs except the camera. Even thou you get a 5mp on the Tirumph the photos are no better than those on the Exhibit so I consider it a wash. The battery life is way better on the Exhibit. I went over a day yesterday with moderate use. Triumph will be dead in 12 hours. The biggest improvement is the responsiveness of the Exhibit screen. Its exponentially better than that of my Triumph and probably the biggest reason I am happy I made the change.
  8. exploringamigo

    exploringamigo New Member

    Jun 19, 2010
    I agree with what these guys are saying. The exhibit is only lacking in screen size. The gps locks very quickly, and the touchscreen is really responsive. T-mobile's 4G is a huge improvement over Virgins data where I live (Northern Illinois). The triumph has an awesome dev community and that is one reason I stuck with Virgin as long as I did. Both phones are good values when compared to post paid phones, I just prefer the Exhibit.
  9. Friggin Joe

    Friggin Joe New Member

    Apr 4, 2012
    I've read too many horror stories and my friend had one of them, with the Triumph.
    I love the Optimus V, but wanted a bit more in terms of a screen and I'm much happier with the $30 100talk/UL/UL plan(5g at 4G) T-Mobile offers.

    The Samsung Exhibit II has been great so far. The GPS lock is pretty quick, but I don't think a device will ever match the Optimus V in that regard. The screen's a bit bigger and a heck of a lot sharper. I'm very happy with the Exhibit and would recommend it over any other prepaid option out there.

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