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Motorola Xoom 32GB + speaker dock + BT keuboard + Gel skin

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by bill.g, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. bill.g

    bill.g Member
    Thread Starter

    I have the following items up for sale, though I would like to sell all of them at one time I am willing to sell individual items for a reasonable offer.

    ITEM Price rating

    Motorola Xoom 32GB WiFI $400 10/10
    Motorola Speaker Dock $ 75 10/10
    Motorola Blue Tooth keyboard $ 30 10/10
    Motorola Gel Skin (I will include this with the Xoom) 9.5/10

    I will take verified paypal only and will ship once the payment has cleared. Standard ground shipping by USPS will be included, if you want faster shipping we can discuss that.

    I will send pictures of the items on request.

    All items while they are used they are in 10/10 only the gel case is not because it just seems to attract dust and dirt.

    I am wanting to sell these as I have found that I am not really using them and would like for them to go to good home.

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  2. bill.g

    bill.g Member
    Thread Starter

    I would even consider trades of other tablets, like an ipad or ipad2.
  3. ryanwv24

    ryanwv24 Member

    Trade for a 4 day old bionic?
  4. bill.g

    bill.g Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks but I am on at&t and I would not be able to use it.
  5. bill.g

    bill.g Member
    Thread Starter

    Sold to someone local to me.

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