Motorola XPERT Discontinued ???

Hi Everyone,

I wonder if the Motorola XPERT has been discontinued because I don't see it on there website:
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If it is Discontinued then it was short life because it was introduced on July 8,2012. Now it is August 20,2012. It only has been 1 month or so. I guess online at Boost they don't have it or it's discontinued. But I guess the retail store still have it but soon it will be discontinued.


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You're correct. It is not on their site anymore. It might have been put on Boost only to get rid of the old stock. If you recall they didn't even take the time to rebrand the phone. It even came in a Sprint box, with a Boost sleeve on top of it.


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Hi Kolosus,

I wonder if the other Wimax that are left that Sprint did not hand it down to Boost yet models like the Motorola Photon 4g, Samsung galaxy S II (Epic 4g) and will have it to get rid of old stock too. If they do that when it comes out I better upgrade my phone "right away" because Motorola Photon 4g CAN REMOVE the battery and the LAST phone that you can remove the SIM card and put another SIM card too. Right now all the other manufactures the battery are "glued" to the phone meaning you cannot take out the battery like Apple. Later I bet all the manufacture will follow that you cannot take out the SIM card too just like (Motorola Photon Q LTE). I think where you cannot take out the SIM card applies only to CDMA/GSM phones (hybrid) phones for CDMA systems only for now that is.