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Mounting Problems

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by BenDroid, Feb 3, 2011.

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    Just got my wife the Fascinate. She is in love with it. She wanted me to transfer music and other items from her old SD card on her Original Droid. I just copied everything to a PC and was just going to copy from there to the SF. I hooked the USB into the PC and there was notification that new hardware was found (like all other android devices I have used). There is no indication that the phone is hooked up to my PC other than the phone showing that it is charging. There is nothing in the notification bar when dragged down to mount the SD card.

    I have read that there was an update that axed the usage of mass strorage on this phone. I am just wondering if, first, is there something I am missing? Second, if the mass storage is messed up, is there a way around it?




    After troubleshooting it some more, I decided to just try a different USB cord. For some reason the one that came with the device didn't work, but a different one worked just fine.

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