Move App from the Update list to Manual Update list?

Hi, I have some apps that are in the update list that I don't want to update. So in order to update the apps I want, I have to manually select each one and update instead of clicking the update all. For instance, I have the following apps: FoxFI, Google Play Books, Google Play Magazines, Google Play Movies & TV, and Verizon Tones. All of them do not have the box checked that "Allow automatic updating". I want to move them to the Manual updates list. That way when I have 10 apps listed that I want to update all, I can just click on that and only those will update.
I hope this makes sense. I would post a pic of my home screen, but I can't since this is my first post. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Deleted User

Unfortunately, users don't get to control what is a standard update and what's a manual update. The only thing I'm aware of that distinguishes the two is when a new permission is requested in the update that wasn't there before, like if your SMS app starts out fairly vanilla in its functionality, then later wants to add geo-tagging which requires a GPS permission. That update would require a manual one, so then user can be made aware of the change. In short, it's not up to you. Looking at your list, a lot of them appear to be included in the device. If you're rocking ICS or above, why not disable them until you want to use them?