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Move icons within Folders

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jayes, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. jayes

    jayes Member
    Thread Starter

    I'm sure I am must be missing something simple.
    Is there a way to move / rearrange icons that are inside a folder? When I try to rearrange them, they pop out of the folder back onto the main screen. I can move the icons between screens, but not within folders. What am I doing wrong?

  2. ronjcar

    ronjcar Member

    I would like an answer to this too. I have been trying to set up a speed dial folder and would like to control how the direct dial icons are displayed.

  3. crankerchick

    crankerchick Android Enthusiast

    no way that i've found.

    just have it to take them out and back to the homescreen and then add them to the folder in the order you want them to appear within the folder.

    this is one of the little things about android that make me wonder what the developers were thinking. if they weren't going to allow us to rearrange in the folder then why not at least make them show sorted in abc order or something within the folder, to make them a bit easier to navigate through.

    i just don't keep too many in a folder that way i can easily see what i want.
  4. mxracer185

    mxracer185 Lurker

  5. maynard48895

    maynard48895 Lurker

    Here's how I do this.
    Basically you have to create a new empty folder and then move all of the apps from the folder you want sorted to the new folder.... do this in the order you want them to appear in. Then delete the old folder and rename the new folder.
  6. GeoLund

    GeoLund Lurker

    I'm using Go Launcher Ex on a Droid running 2.2
    One thing I just discovered that helps with re-arranging icons within a folder is to use a new blank home screen and move the folder you want to re-organize to the blank screen so you have lots of room to work. Then open the folder and long press on the icons you don't use as much. They will move to the new empty screen. Keep getting rid of the ones you don't use as much until your favorites are the first 4. The first 4 icons in the folder will be displayed on the cover of the folder. Then long press on the icons you took out of the folder and drop them back into the folder. They will be at the end. This has the added benefit that the less used icons will be on the second (or later) screen if you have more than 12 icons in the folder. You can also use this technique to get your top 12 most used apps on the first screen of a folder, in addition to setting the icons on the front of the folder.
    I hope this makes sense. This is my first post here. Great forum!!!

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