Move photos to SD


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In a never ending way to increase available memory on the Commando, is there a way to move all my pictures to the SD card and store them there?
I have a rooted M080 unit and using TP I was able to see the "gallery" folder, but cannot move it to the SD card like other apps.
I know that the camera creates a DCIM folder with all the subfolders (by date, or generated ID), but I cannot move them, or so it appears.

I also checked in the camera settings that came with the phone and there is nothing showing the ability to move or even set where photos are stored.

Am I missing something? :questionmark:


I know mine automatically stores to the SD card. Without the SD card inserted it doesn't let me save on internally on the phone.

Take out the SD card and see if the photos are still there.

If it truely is internally stored then try ES File Explorer and move the folder or files over.