Android Expert
Jun 26, 2012
Hi all, I have about 6000 photos and 30 video clips on my Note 2. I recently organised all the photos into more sensible folders and moved the videos to the folder "sdcard" and several of these I moved in one batch. Trouble is I cannot view these any more, though the ones I moved individually are OK. Even if I move the affected videos to another folder they still don't work. Any idea what has gone wrong? Under "Details" they show up as MP4. I haven't tried moving them to my PC yet to see if I can open them there yet.
Can't view them at all or in the movie player?

See if you can access them using a file explorer and play them that way.
Just moved one to my PC and cannot watch them on WMP or Real Player. Windows Movie Maker cannot open them either. I presume they must be corrupted somehow?
No. Most have been recorded on my Note 2 and none of them are ripped from DVD's. They all played perfectly till I moved them and they still show as MP4's.
Try putting them in folder
That is your removable sdcard. The name is case sensitive.

The internal memory is

The sdcard folder is a mount point for sdcard0 but is not the right path for the apps to use ( i think)

As a test, try to email a few of these pics and videos to your PC. See if you can open and play it from the attachment. I had a similar issue with my previous Droid X last year when I setup Exchange account from work and it encrypted all my media files afterwards. Everything previously to that switch worked ok copied directly, but after that I had to email pics and videos to external account in order to view files.
Did that, no luck. I've decided to simply delete the dead videos and downloaded my own video from youtube then moved it to my note 2 where it works fine.