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I have some blu ray HD .MKV movie files that I wanted to convert to a smaller file but without losing the quality of the video so I can put it on my Note 10.1 so save some space. What type of file can I convert it to without losing quality but decreases file size?

I know the screen resolution on the Note 10.1 won't help much since its only 1200x800.


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You cannot. If it was possible, no one would use MKVs. The only thing you can do is convert the files to AVI and lose 5.1 sound. Quality will not be the same.


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if space is a concern.....micro sd cards are cheap...load all your movies onto a 12 dollar 16gb card...lowest I'd recommend would be 700mb avi's...but honestly...thats not doing the note 10.1's screen justice.