Help Movies...Please Help~!


Oct 19, 2010
I have a Motorola Droid with froyo 2.2. I can not watch half the movies on my SD card that I could on my blackberry? How is this possible? They are all mp4 files and played on my blackberry. Now they wont play on my droid. I tried to cut and paste but they (some) wont play. I even tried a playlist on doublesyne but that took forever. The tech support at Verizon said that the Droid doesnt play mp4s, but I think she doesnt know what she is talking about because other mp4s play just fine...please help. I am about to just drop the device (I travel a lot and liked using it in the airport, etc) and get a blakberry or iphone.
Please help....if I cant copy is ther e a site I can buy and download movies? like itunes?
All my mp4s work fine. Try downloading Rock Player from the market, that can support a lot more file types than the stock video player.
Motorolla Specs on Video
Suspect the .mp4 not playing have either some DRM on them or not a compatible encoding.
RE-encode the videos not working, there are tons of apps to do that with.
Amazon for movies (DRM free for the most part)