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Moving apps to the sd card

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by pntballr, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. pntballr

    pntballr Newbie
    Thread Starter

    i raally think that this needs to brought up and worked on as the phone only has 1.5gb or so of usable storage. i did see the post earlier about using directory bind but i couldnt get it to work when i followed what their pictures said.:thinking:

  2. Arbie422

    Arbie422 Newbie

    You can try installing ROM MANAGER from the play store. There is an option to PARTITION YOUR SD CARD. Just search how to do that, there are a lot of links. Once you have successfully partitioned your SD card, install Link2SD from the play store. Again just search how to use Link2SD once you have partitioned your SD card. (I had to 'Create Links' as opposed to 'Move to SD')

    I went from not having enough memory to open my gallery to look at pictures to having 646mb free.

    PS. Make sure you have a custom recovery, and make sure you dont mind if your SD card eventually fries. From what I hear partitioning is not the best thing for it...

    Best of luck
  3. pntballr

    pntballr Newbie
    Thread Starter

    ill try that, thanks a lot! :)
  4. Arbie422

    Arbie422 Newbie

    Of course. Just let me know if I can be of any more help.
  5. When I tried working with putting apps on the sd, I noticed a lot of bugs popping up with them... Not trying to discourage you but just so you know
  6. Arbie422

    Arbie422 Newbie

    100% correct. If you are messing with system apps/files, ALWAYS have a backup handy.
  7. I had problems with Facebook too so not just system apps
  8. Arbie422

    Arbie422 Newbie

    System files are not recommended to move. Make sure you have a backup and never take out your SD card improperly or while apps which are running on the SD card are running, or babies get punched in your phone.
  9. D_Ametsreiter

    D_Ametsreiter Lurker

    When I try to run Link2SD I select the ext2 partition I made using minitool partition wizard and I get a Mount Script Error "Mount script cannot be created. not allowed to su" With this error I cannot move apps to the SD. How should I proceed?
    I'm using a Samsung Stellar (model SCH-1200), Android version 4.1.2, hardware version I200.03
  10. ron_h

    ron_h Lurker

    I'm trying to use Link2SD on a Lenovo 7" Tab 2 A7-10F that came with Android 4.4.2 but which has been updated to Android 5.0. I've also used minitool partition wizard on a Windows PC to create a second partition (ext2) on an SD card. Result is Mount Script Error "Mount script cannot be created. not allowed to su"

    Has anyone succeeded in getting past this error ? Without rooting the device, that is.

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