Moving ASTRO FM from Internal to SD Card?


I know that certain apps are meant to run from the phone's internal storage and some can be moved to the SD card. Does anyone know if ASTRO File Manager will function properly if it's moved to the SD card....or is it NOT recommended?

I'm trying to free up as much space on my phone as possible. Thanks in advance.
Anyone? I know that ASTRO is a hugely popular app and many have it on their phones. C'mon folks. :D

With App2SD you can, duh, move apps to SD! If ASTRO can run from SD App2SD will move it there for you if you want. You can then try for yourself whether you can/like (to) work with it from SD card. YMMV depending on your phone and your connection.
If you can't/don't like (to) work with it from SD card you simply move it back to the phone.