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Moving back to iPhone...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Wlliam., Aug 15, 2010.

  1. atmasters

    atmasters Android Enthusiast

    Oh I love this statement. My friend just got the Iphone 4 and yes he did the typical apple guy thing. My phone is the best in the world. So I just pulled my Disire out and said ok do what I can not do. So fare has the same games. I just told him look at his screen it is a screen full of apps and folders. Asked him to customize and then his smile turned up side down.The Iphone might have some better games and that is about it. And when the game comes out I have to wait a little bit then the game is offered for my phone. Google maps are way better. It is nice to be able to down load movies with out going threw apple. It is a good phone but that is all it does is plays games. Not my kind of phone It seems to blaaaa for this cat..

  2. sookster54

    sookster54 Android Expert

    I own an iPod Touch, which is pretty close to an iPhone, and I don't think it's THAT great. Only apps I have on it that I don't on my Android or BB is Live Cam but other than that pretty much every app you find on App Store you'll find on the Market while BB AppWorld has a ways to catch up. I mainly use my iPod to buy songs/albums rather than going to HMV to buy a CD, iTunes is one thing I like from Apple.

    The customization is what I like most, you can't really do that on iPhone/iPods.

    PS- no last.fm app from Apple, that's 1 up for Android.
  3. Eris Ed

    Eris Ed Android Expert

    My Desire does absolutely everything I want from a mobile device, and the ability to change the Launcher and personalise every part of it really is a bonus.

    I work with 3 friends who all had the iPhone 3GS and now the iPhone4. I've had plenty of hands on time with them and they are great phones. For me, the customisation options on Android is why I didn't go with Apple.

    For some people, the iPhone is ideal. No fuss, works well, no need to tinker, just make calls, send texts and maybe a little internet browsing. I think if the iPhone had the ability to be personalised then the comparison with Android would be more important, but as things stand it's simply a matter of personal preference and what you want to do with your device.
  4. hippy247

    hippy247 Well-Known Member

    I am another ex iphone user who made the switch and like most I am happier with the Desire.
    I will admit that the games are better on the iphone but Android is catching up, but most people dont buy phones to play games on, most people buy smartphones to call, text, send/receive emails and view the internet ( Android beats the iphone experience on all those )
    I do feel sorry for the original poster who has obviously purchased the wrong phone, but most of the other iphone users I know who have made the switch, like myself, prefer the Desire and android over iphone.
    The iphone experience is easier, but imo, the Android experience is more rewarding. I agree that Google do need to make paid apps available to more Countries, something I am sure they are working on and with every version of Andraid the experience gets better.
    The hardware specs of Android phones are ahead of the iphone, and slowly but surely, the market will also catch up, Uncle Jobs restrictive app policies will make sure of that.
    There are going to be people who regret the change and will want to go back, but as Android progresses and outpaces iphone in innovation, and hardware, more and more iphone users will make the switch, I mean come on, the biggest plus with the new iphone is " facetime ", what a joke, if thats all Apple has got to further the progression of the iphone experience then Google has already won the war.
  5. l0gan5

    l0gan5 Newbie

    I've had my Desire for just over a month now and I've decided to keep it.

    Prior to the Desire I had a 3GS from launch and a 3G before that. My wife upgraded to the iPhone 4 just before I got the Desire. We also own an iPad, iMac, MBP, Apple TV as well as windows PCs etc.

    At first I struggled with the Desire, I missed the App Store as well as the overall general quality of the apps. The Desire felt clunky and OS didn't see consistent like iOS.

    Having said that, I have now decided to keep the Desire and not upgrade to the iPhone 4 as I thought I would. I am quite enjoying the flexibility android offers and there are obvious things it can do that the iPhone cannot (at least without jailbreaking anyhow).

    I am excited to see what Google brings to Android over the next 18 months and to see how it develops. Plus I can still get my Apple fix as I always carry my iPad together with my Desire. Even though it's a 3G, it's been great to have the wifi hotspot ability enabling me to download apps over 20MB!

    I think the main thing for ex-iPhone users testing Android is to give it some time, preferably a few weeks at least.
  6. Euphobia

    Euphobia Newbie

    When did a Desire not "just work"? :thinking: I didn't have to set up anything, when I got it, I turned it on - had a short tutorial about how the keyboard works, and I was on my way. Didn't have to set up any IP address (I've never even heard of having to do that), I've not rooted mine. Not felt the need to, though you've clearly never heard of jailbreaking on the iPhone. All my friends who have an iPhone have jailbreaked them. And what's formatting got to do with anything?

    I think the main problem with Android apps is before 2.2 Android didn't allow apps to be installed to SD, which considerably limited the size of apps. Now it is enabled, developers need to start enabling it on their current apps, and need to start developing apps to install straight to SD, and in turn better apps will start coming out, such as Angry Birds is a great game on Android, and that installs straight to SD.
  7. JohnShepherd

    JohnShepherd Member

    Suuuuper happy with my Desire, and I've been an iPhone user for over 3 years!! The sat nav rocks and is totally free, I get a refund for apps if I deinstall them within a given timeframe after testing, and being able to customize it exactly the way you want it rocks.

    I feel so much "freer" using the Android...
  8. Soulforger

    Soulforger Newbie

    cant agree more..I still dont have slightest idea of Rooting..to put it simple i dont know what is ROM (on mobile).. from day one i am using it for my day to day things without any IP thingy or formatting..I done formatting once when i bought a new 16GB SD.. but the one come with phone i didnt do anything..

    damn it looks so nice when i played Ice age avi file in phone..and I also offered to transfer that to my friends iphone but they dont know how to do that and said its not possible with iphone(copy movie to hard disk) without some jailbreaking..I dont know about jail breaking either..so it ended up copying to their PC later on..

    also i appreciate that Apps to SD option..I still didnt have FROYO and waiting for official one(october 1st week expected)..Its a one thing i miss much..

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