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Ok, I paid off my Sprint Samsung Galaxy A50 and I want to leave T-Mobile. I am under no contract and my phone is unlocked.
I want to go to Straight Talk and yes my phone works with there system, In fact they sold the A50.
(Tested: Tried my roommates Straight Talk sim in my phone and it worked fine).

The issue I am having is when I enter my IMEI to activate my phone on Straight Talk, It says:
(This device is in an invalid status and is not eligible for this transaction).
So what is the deal?
What do I have to do?


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Ok, I never could get to Level 2 tech support to port my phone, So, I gave up on Straight Talk and went with Consumer Cellular.
So far so good.

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I had higher hopes for Straight Talk.
My ol'lady uses them and it works well.

I also want out of T-Mobile's trap and bought a new Straight Talk device.

Somehow they could not make the thing work after 16 hours or so.
They 'promised' (in broken English) that my phone would work the next day.

But I had already had enough, spending hours on three phone calls (from another device, of course) with them and still not having a working phone.

For God's sake- 20 years ago you had a working phone in an hour, before you left the store.

Clint w

ST was sold to Verizon and are in the process of turning off all other users on ST except Verizon users > If you are an ATT or any other tower user, you will start having phone problems. They sent us (two users) emails and voice mails as well as texts that our phones were going to be shut off because they were not 4g phones (they are) .We brought out older phone and put the sim cards in and guess what ? They work just fine . They (ST) still hit one of the phones so far repeating the same thing . I called a number and got their recording saying there was a problem with the phone and were checking it. It is back on . I am paid up till April 18 and 17 respectively . It is back on now . Verizon will never be our provider or ST. I hope this helps someone . BTW I was not able nor was ATT store to port our old numbers to the new phones from ATT . ST locked the numbers down and did let us port them.
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