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Moving contacts onto One S..

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tomhunter, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. tomhunter

    tomhunter Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I want to move my contacts from my old HTC desire to my shiney new One S. Holy s**t why cant this thing just have an SD card.

    I've tried orange backup (total pish, 'network connection failed' despite my just downloading it over said network)

    HTC sync, total pish.

    My BackupPro, total pish. Says pin/password combo is wrong. IT ISN'T!!

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  2. bigt

    bigt Android Enthusiast

    The easiest way is to have all your contacts stored as Google contacts (ie in gmail)
  3. hype313

    hype313 Newbie

    Agreed, Just moved everything from gmail into my One S, Seamless.
  4. cliff0796

    cliff0796 Member

    When you first set your phone up it asks if you want to transfer contacts, you can do this by bluetooth. I did with from my HTC Desire also did on the wifes crappy old Nokia.
  5. Harry2

    Harry2 Extreme Android User

    ... and yet one other way ... :)
    Export your contacts to the SD card (you'll find it as .vcf file on the root of your SD card).
    With this file on the root of your One S's storage you can import your contacts to your new phone.

  6. tomhunter

    tomhunter Newbie
    Thread Starter

    thanks everyone. i guess it stems from when i had my old phone and didnt bother saving to my gmail. exported to SD and put the file onto my One s, but not sure how to extract the numbers into usable contacts on my phone.

    my last attempt will be to get a micro sim adapter and plug it in2 my desire.

    at least from now on gmail looks to be my saviour. is there a way i can backup all my contacts 2 there now?
  7. bigt

    bigt Android Enthusiast

  8. richies

    richies Lurker

    hi all,
    does anybody known how to get rid off the facebook contacts in the dial/phone? even if I deselect all sync I still have it. seen same issues for sense...
    thanks in advance

  9. richies

    richies Lurker

    got a working solution:

    go to settings > apps > all apps

    Find contact storage and clear data. (This will delete all contacts so make sure they are backed up, Gmail usually does this automatically but make sure)

    also, find facebook and clear data for that too..

    This will remove all facebook contacts too.

    Simply log back into facebook and select dont sync with contacts, And get your normal contacts back from gmail...

    worked for me


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