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Moving from Verizon/Incredible to VM/Optmus V

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by lizm, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. lizm

    lizm Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I'm very close to selling my Verizon Incredible and getting a Virgin Mobile Optimus V, because of the huge monthly plan savings.

    What's most important to me and I wonder if anyone can comment on how these work on the Optimus V are:

    Call quality obviously

    Getting texts in a timely manner (I use Handcent)

    Google Voice - this is critical

    GPS/Google Maps Nav - I use this a lot.

    Pandora - my favorite on road trips

    Facebook app

    Flashlight was cool but I assume Optimus won't have that, I know I won't get Flash in abrowser andI don't care about that either.

    I have probably 100+ apps on my Dinc, from running-calorie ones to mint.com and and flight trackers...I assume pretty much any app (not game_) will work as well on Optimus as on a Dinc?

    Thanks for any guidance....

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  2. digitaljeannie

    digitaljeannie Well-Known Member

    I just got rid of my Eris for the Optimus so not really an apples-to-apples but a little close.

    Call quality seems as good as with my Eris.
    Texts seems to come through just fine (the few I get - I mainly use Google Voice).
    Google Navigator works like a charm as expected
    Pandora works just fine
    Facebook - again, fine. But you will have to manually "join" your contacts that sync with the app because it doesn't have the htc facebook sync, it uses the facebook app's sync
    no flashlight or LED
    Google Voice works fine for me when you deselect direct access to voicemail under the settings for your mobile phone in Google Voice. that causes it to go to your google voicemail as opposed to the phone's voicemail.

    I used to use my old Eris on PagePlus, so while still a good deal, I only had 50MB data/mo (w/ 1200min/1200txts) and this while having unlimited data thing is just awesome for me as I don't talk much on the phone, really.
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  3. mikeladue

    mikeladue Newbie

    The Optimus V only has 170Mb internal storage, whereas the DINC has something like 6Gb, of which I think that 700Mb or so is available. This will affect the number of applications that you can have installed at any single time. :(
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  4. nightbreed813

    nightbreed813 Member

    But that is what sd cards are for up to 32GB
  5. maylea

    maylea Member

    Just remember there is no roaming with virgin. So, you will not have service away from metro areas or the interstates for the most part. I live in SC towards the mountains so I have a big hole of no coverage. What I do is I have a cheap tracfone running on Verizon towers in reserve for mountain trips or trips where I have no VM service. Still comes out cheaper in the long run than staying with Verizon.
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  6. lizm

    lizm Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Appreciate it. We seem to have pretty similar Sprint (which is VM, as I understand it) and Verizon coverage around here. In fact Sprint works at my kids' school whereas Verizon doesn't, so I already got them on the VM plan. As much as they are there for sports and activites, it's great to be able to reach them.

    I have to buy out of my Verizon contract at $270 (ouch), and buy the new Optimus ($150). Even selling my Inc (for $180), I'll have a 3 months until break even. But after that....it'll be nice to have that much lower monthly bill :)

    I never moved apps to my SD Card on my Dinc, but it's nice to know I can with Froyo. I do keep a lot of music on my phone, a few gigs, but on a card so that ought to be OK? In fact I'll probably move my card right over to the new phone.

    The Optimus has a micro usb slot right? So I can use my same car phone charger and computer/USB hookup?
  7. lizm

    lizm Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    ...one last question - I assume it's an easy sync for my contacts on gmail and calendar on google to this new phone?

    When I got the Inc I began using Gmail contacts and Google Calendar because the sync between my PC and the phone is so easy.

    I am just assuming I can sync them to my new phone and everything will come in....?
  8. mikeladue

    mikeladue Newbie

    @nightbreed813 - I agree, but there are some apps that you can't move (Facebook is a good example), or they leave stubs on the internal storage.

    Unfortunately, it gets eaten up pretty fast on the OptimusV compared to the DINC.
  9. TVCCS

    TVCCS Android Enthusiast

    Moving music to the Micro SD Card shouldn't be an issue. And yes, the power input is Micro USB.

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