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Moving from WinMo to Android

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by devonfwright, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. devonfwright

    devonfwright New Member
    Thread Starter

    Jul 26, 2010
    i have been an avid WinMo user for 3 years now, and i'm through with it. i've purchased an Evo 4G, and am obviously enlighted to the pleasures that come from an Android phone. I have 4 gmail accounts, and an additional POP3 account, and email syncing is no problem. my main concern is being able to sync everything from MS Outlook 2007 to the Evo. I need contacts (both regular contacts as well as the contacts located within my Business Contact Manager database), notes, tasks, calendar, etc. I have read that google syncing works for the most part, but isn't there a program that will give me more of a feel like WinMo Pocket Outlook for my mail, as well as a task application that syncs with MS Office? i don't like reading/responding on "gmail" on the Evo as i lose my signature, formatting, etc that i get with a regular mail client like WinMo Pocket Outlook.

    Can some users that have ported from WinMo to Android help me with this and provide some insight into how to better "manage" my mail accounts and sync everything? Many thanks in advance.



  2. eseer

    eseer New Member

    Jul 6, 2010
    I used Outlook on WinMo and my PC for everything except email. DejaOffice (DejaOffice - Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes Apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad) preserved all my contacts, appts., categories, comments, recurring appts., reminder alarms -- in short, I haven't noticed any loss of detail at all. It seems like "real" Outlook. The catch: in order to sync with your PC, you must also download CompanionLink and, after the trial period (30 days?), pay $40. Like most, I would love a free app, but it doesn't seem fair to compare this really full-featured app with free apps that just do one or two little simple things. P.S. I was initially afraid that it might not only >>not<< import everything correctly to my phone, but that it might also cause problems with my PC Outlook data. Nope. It's been fine.

    You'll probably still want to sync your contacts to your Gmail account for caller ID, but you could use DejaOffice to still have access to ALL the details of Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks, etc.

    If you used Word/Excel/Powerpoint on WinMo, you might also want to consider Documents To Go (free for read-only version, $15 for read/write version). Again, I've been able to use all my old files without any problems. And it seems like "real" MS Office.

    Some other WinMo apps that aren't included with Android but can be downloaded from the Marketplace: File Explorer, Task Manager, Voice Recorder.

    Hope this helps -- and welcome to the alternate reality that is Android. Resistance is futile.

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