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MP3 Errors: "File format not supported"

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by BigCat8, May 16, 2011.

  1. BigCat8

    BigCat8 Member
    Thread Starter

    Having some issues lately with my Captivate (stock 2.2). At times I will start up the Music app (the new one from Google) and press play and receive an error telling me the file could not be played. As soon as this happens, I attempt to play it in the default music player, which gives me the aforementioned "file format" error. This only started occurring recently, but I can't pinpoint a cause. It fixes itself with a reboot of the phone.

    Anyone having this issue? Anyone solved it?

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  2. Notsonoble

    Notsonoble Lurker

    I'm getting this issue as well, it also kills custom notifications and ringtones.
  3. BigCat8

    BigCat8 Member
    Thread Starter

    Yeah, this is why it's an issue. I tend to notice when I get a text/call without any sound. I tried a quick resolution tonight via a media re-scan, but that didn't work, so the reboot is the only workaround I've found thus far.
  4. sinjin

    sinjin Newbie

    I have the same issue. I even get the error when I use Google Listen for podcasts. Only thing that I found that works is a reboot. I started getting this a month or so after the upgrade to stock Froyo. This error, along with the wifi not connecting, were the reasons I went to a custom ROM. I no longer have the wifi issue, but this media file error is still happening. I am on Continuum 4.1. Are you running Advance Task Killer by chance?
  5. BigCat8

    BigCat8 Member
    Thread Starter

    Not running ATK. Someone suggested to me that I should uninstall Twitter. It doesn't seem to make sense, but... it's worked for the last 4 days. Apparently it's an issue with all Twitter clients.

    As a result, I'm sticking to Twitter in the browser.
  6. sinjin

    sinjin Newbie

    interesting, will try the same. is it just on the captivate or others having the same issues with twitter?

    edit: for what its worth removing ATK did not solve the issue.
  7. BigCat8

    BigCat8 Member
    Thread Starter

    Not sure- the discussion wasn't specific to any particular phone model, but a couple of users specified that the issue was on their "Samsung Galaxy S". May be a problem specific to SGS phones, may just be a general issue... don't have any conclusive evidence.
  8. xr4ticrew

    xr4ticrew Lurker

    Same issue here, though not just with MP3's. It won't play video files or even YouTube. Only a reboot seems to fix it. Haven't tried yet to uninstall Twitter, that will be next unless another fix is found.
  9. sinjin

    sinjin Newbie

    thanks, last night removed twitter. but added tweetdeck -cant live without my tweepes. ok i can, but dont want to...:)
  10. sinjin

    sinjin Newbie

    Update: have not had an error since removing twitter app. Running tweetdeck with no issues since May 25th.
  11. batkinson001

    batkinson001 Member

    Why would twitter affect sound?... I get this sometimes on my sgh-t959d fascinate, even before twitter was installed..
  12. BigCat8

    BigCat8 Member
    Thread Starter

    I don't know what the logic is behind it, but I can tell you that I haven't had a single issue since I uninstalled Twitter. I was given the recommendation by someone else, and it worked. It may be different on the Fascinate, but I'd still recommend that you check. The worst case scenario is that you have to reinstall Twitter.
  13. batkinson001

    batkinson001 Member

    I just use the social feeds and status update widget that came with my phone... Why bother with the twitter app if it screws with your sound..
  14. GalaxyS609

    GalaxyS609 Well-Known Member

    I had the same issue, didnt have Twitter on my phone. My phone when downhill since Froyo update, finally backed everything up, then did a factory reset, fresh Froyo update, then rooted, phone has been perfect since and I even installed Twitter app and a bunch of new MP3 alerts and ringtones, phone has been perfect for 2 weeks now.

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