Help MP3 Issues to SD card


Hi All!

I have had my Note 4 for about 2 weeks now. Upgraded from a S III. I have found an interesting conundrum. When I copy audio files to my phone's internal storage they work without issue. However, when I copy these MP3 files to the SD card on my phone they are not recognized. It doesn't matter how they get to my SD card

Transferred via Cable - No effect
Transferred using SD Card Adapter - No effect
Have files on phone memory already (Yes) but when moved to SD card -No effect.

I have a 32 gig SD card in my phone. Only Audio Files seem to be affected by this. I've done searches. I don't have Twitter installed. I have run SD Scanner, force stopped Music Player, Downloaded other music players effect. I've done some searching....Does anyone have any ideas?


As they're playing from internal storage OK, a counterfeit SD card is a possible cause, there's a lot of them around, where did you buy it? A common symptom of a fake SD is that MP3s appear to copy over but they won't play.


I also have not experienced any issues with playing music from my SD card (that is where all of my music is stored). I've used multiple apps (Play Music, stock player, Equalizer +, doubleTwist) and haven't run into any issues yet.


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What music player do you guys use? I have a bunch of mp3's on my external sd and have no issues playing them with the stock music player.

I use Poweramp, but I do not yet have a Note 4. I was just making sure this particular function worked in case I decide to pick it up. Taking me a while to pull the trigger since I have to buy it full price to keep my udp. Thanks!