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General Mp3s and Cube music player

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by deezpac, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. deezpac

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    hey all,

    i'm hoping someone can help me out. i've downloaded some songs using the preloaded Music Downloader app and i use the Cube music player. i'm having trouble with my being listed as all the same album. i don't know how to change the properties of the individual mp3s so that they have the correct artist, song, and album. i'd really like to know if there was a way i can do this from the phone itself since i don't have a computer at home. i'd be able to use my work computer but only if it can be done in window's media, i'm not able to download anything like itunes to my work computer

    hopefully this makes sense and someone out there can help.

    thank you


  2. kcmartz

    kcmartz Well-Known Member

    I am not aware of any preloaded Music Downloader app, I never saw that on my VM Intercept. Of course, I did temp root and remove the VM bloatware.

    I have tried the Cubed music player. I loved it but went back to the Android default music player until the 2.2 update at least (supposed to be around March 25), then I will look at more and more apps with apps2sd.

    Try searching the market for "audio tagger free".
    Hope this helps!!
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