MP3s get renamed and jumbled


I have a folder on my Windows 7 computer containing six other folders of lectures in MP3 format. These are carefully named and in sequential order.
When transferred to my Galaxy S2, they are somehow all renamed [unrecognizable] and thrown out of order. It looks like Android won't allow folders, is that right?
I really need some order to this. I need to retain the naming of each file that I made on my computer.


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Hi AndyRoydt,

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that your media player application is parsing the ID3 tags for the tracks, completely ignoring whatever intelligent naming convention you were using for the files themselves. Most music players also ignore folder boundaries and instead organize media files based on the Album information contained within the ID3 tags.

There may be some audio players that will ignore the tags and sort/group by filename/folder, but I don't know of any off the top of my head. You may want to try using a file browser (like ES File Explorer or Astro File Manager) to browse to your lecture audio files and launch them that way. :thumbup:


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Codesplice is correct regarding the iD3 tag info being used by music players.

On your S2, open the music player, then go to the app's settings. Under Music Menu, enable Folders. The 4 tabs on the top of the app interface will become scrollable to the right, with an additional option of 'Folders'. That option will show you your music files according to folder structure.


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Wow, thanks! I didn't know what you meant by the "4 tabs on the top.." and then they somehow showed up. It works!
I'm curious what the ID3 tags are. I have the same problem with a Sandisk MP3 player. I can open that player up when it's connected to my computer - and everything looks perfect - just as I first copied it from Windows. But on the player itself, the MP3 files are mysteriously renamed and all jumbled up.