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MP3's sound like a slow vinyl record!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Nepherim, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. Nepherim

    Nepherim Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    In the last day or so play back of MP3s (music, notifications, etc) has started to sound really bizarre, basically it sounds like someone is slowing down a vinyl record. The effect does not occur at the same point during playback, nor does it sound exactly the same each time an MP3 is played back.

    * It happens with built-in notification sounds, and those I've added. Also happens with music MP3's.
    * It doesn't seem to have any effect on call quality, nor on the call ring-tone I use when a call comes in, although if I try to playback the ringtone sound it happens.
    * It happens when using the Music app, and when an clock alarm triggers.
    * I tried stop most/all services. No change.
    * There is no visible damage to the copper speaker cover.

    Anyone experienced this before, or know what the cause, and fix, might be?

  2. JP 818

    JP 818 Newbie

    I have notice the same problem with the built-in notification sounds the last couple of days. It goes on and off. I don't know whats been causing that. I haven't install any new apps or change any settings on my droid.
    One thing I do know is when the droid is a "sleep" is more likely to do that than when its "awake".
  3. DaygosDankest

    DaygosDankest Well-Known Member

    this happened to me using ringdroid, other than that I have not experienced this
  4. Nepherim

    Nepherim Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    @JP 818: Not noticed a correlation between the device being awake or asleep, but I'll keep an eye out to see if there is.

    @DaygosDankest: I don't have ringdroid installed, so not that.
  5. aileendq

    aileendq Well-Known Member

    Have you tried uninstalling EVERY 3rd party app then a factory reset? I suspect it's not Ringdroid per se, but rather apps that don't play nice together.
  6. Nepherim

    Nepherim Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I agree it's possibly some app conflict. I've disabled all running services to try and narrow down, but that didn't help. I'm not going to delete all 3rd party apps -- there are too many for that action this early; same with factory reset.

    However, I did do a power down, and that seemed to clear up the problem. Which is great, except now I have no idea what caused it. So, I'd still be interested in hearing if anyone has had this problem and worked out the cause.

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