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Mr. Spuze

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by zepus, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. zepus

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    Hi, dear gents and ladies,
    my name is Iulian Spuze, I'm from Romania, 40yo, merchant fleet electro-engineer, working mostly overseas. I like computers and movies (like a child, isn't it?). Few months ago I have made myself a nice present as a brand new phone HTC Wildfire. It's not one of tehe best, but somewhere in the middle range, with Android OS, internal GPS, 8Gb extra memory, etc.
    During this time, I started to like it, even if on the ship only for music playing during working time. A lot of stuff I have downloaded from android magazine, and seems ok. Only one problem I have: how can I download some offline maps that can work with internal GPS when is no internet connection ? Also, I have a lot of good quality road maps which I can scan,
    but there is a program to help me with that ? My e-mail is: ispuze@yahoo.com or ispuze@gmail.com
    Best regards to everyone

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