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    I am new to tablets but I bought the Nexus 7 last February and have been having problems with charging and powering up but with a lot of messing about it has been working until today when it started going into power off mode when I try to boot it up. I notice other people having been having this problem and someone suggested a fix which unfortunately didn't work in my case. Bennetts in COLCHESTER didn't want to know(even though it is still under the initial 1 year guarantee) when I took it back and referred me to Asus who asked me to fill in there on line form to initiate me returning it to them for "repair"
    They said all apps I had purchased would be wiped without any compensation to me. I have spent about


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    Welcome to AF, dcolgan1. :)

    Since you're having problems with your Nexus 7, you might want to post in our board specifically devoted to it: Nexus 7 forum.


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