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MS Voice Command

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by BillAZ, Dec 24, 2011.

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    I am coming from WM6.5 to the LG Nitro HD. I would appreciate any guidance you knowledgeable Android users and developers can offer. I am an Android newbie, but very tech savvy (programmer, design engineer- embedded). I have used MS Voice Command for about 5 years and think it's the coolest app I've ever seen. I have decided to move to Android- so it's gone. It used to be a separate program but has been standard on Windows phones since WM6. In fact, I am spoiled by it, since I can use it anywhere (operates on local CPU with no wireless 3G, 4G or WiFi connection whatsoever), and works with bluetooth. This was especially handy for operating my device (limited) or placing calls while driving without having to ever look at the display, or even touch anything but my bluetooth headset.

    It can be used to make calls from a bluetooth headset (or any other command) without ever touching the phone. It confirms the person and the type of number I want to dial (Cell, Work, Home, etc.) via synthesized voice. So there's no need to set a default number and you can call someone on any of the numbers that are attached by category.

    Here are some of the things you can say (speaker independent) and that I hope are available on Android:

    What's my next appointment?
    What is my battery level?
    What time is it?
    Start <Application Name>
    Show Contacts - shows the entire list of contacts in the phone
    Show <Contact Name> - show all the information for the named contact
    Flight Mode <on/off>
    Set Ringer <High/Low/Vibrate> etc.
    Dial <phone number>
    Call <Contact Name> on <Home/Work/Cell, etc.>

    The setting is confirmed by stating the current state of that setting. Dialing is confirmed by repeating the contact name and phone number category, or the digits given, depending on how the command was given. The number is not dialed until it's conformed by saying "yes" or "Correct". And this works seamlessly with or without Bluetooth.

    Unfortunately, Voice Command will not transcribe an Email or text or do a Google search. So of course, it won't allow you to dictate text into an edit field. I am very impressed with Android's transcription, which requires a wireless connection to a server, but works quite well from the first time I tried it.

    I would like something even close to similar (plus transcription, preferably) for Android, either with or without a wireless connection, and am wondering whether it's available or will be in the foreseeable future, and what it's called so I can put it on my device.

    Thanks in advance for educating me!

    Many thanks,


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