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Mt4g or nexus s?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Haywire, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. Haywire

    Haywire Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Hey all, looking to get back into android. Been using an unlocked iPhone 3G
    But due to how I have it hactivated and unlocked, I have a few issues
    Not to mention no 3G. So I've narrowed it down to the nexus s or the mytouch4g,
    But having trouble deciding. Do both support uma calling? Also, does
    Uma calling require extra hardware to work? And do those calls count
    Against your minutes? It'd save me a bundle on minutes If not. I only have 500
    But I don't ever really use all 500 ever. Thanks for helping me decide. FYI, I'm leaning
    Towards the my touch.

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  2. Haywire

    Haywire Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I figured you guys could help me out.. I don't want to choose the s and
    Then end up wishing I had gone for the mytouch.. It will be my phone
    For awhile.
  3. Dkelz313

    Dkelz313 Newbie

    Well if you want a plastic phone with quick updates and stock android get the nexus s. If you want a strong sturdy feeling phone with a lot of built in customizable features go with the MyTouch. Personally if I already didnt have the MyTouch, and had the chance to pick between the two and get it free, id still choose the MyTouch. I'd say the only thing the nexus has better is the android system. Everything else is equal or better on the MyTouch in my opinion.
  4. defiantbeast

    defiantbeast Well-Known Member

    Im of the opinion that the my touch 4g would have been a better choice for the next nexus than the what ever crapsung could come up with. The mytouch exudes a certain level of build quality that lets you know that your holding an excellent device versus the toy that was made by samsung.
  5. cw54o

    cw54o Member

    im not a fan of samsung so the mytouch for ME would be a no brainer. as for UMA calling i dnt think android phones support that? i could be wrong though. im not too sure on the major differences between the mt4g and the N.S but id say IF your on the fence try them both out for yourself. at the end of the day only you knw what you like.

  6. dasudevil

    dasudevil Android Enthusiast

    Go for the Mytouch. I came from an original Mytouch 3G v1.0 and toi be honest this will be my last phone for a long time. To me it feels heavy but not too heavy, strong sturdy build (i have dropped a few times and nothing happened), I like the fact that i can customize the crap out of it with the ui. It has 2.2.1 installed or quickly gets updated to it and is still one of the fastest phones out there.

    The Nexus S is basically a non sd card, no 4g having galaxy s phone with 2.3. If you anal about updates then this is the phone to get. If you can wait and or confident in rooting then the MT4G is the one. I have mine rooted but its a basic root and LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT! Quite honestly everything works like its supposed too including the heavy 3d games.
  7. rubi76

    rubi76 Well-Known Member

    I had the Samsung for 10 days. It's a Samsung. I returned it and got the mytouch and now I am happy.
  8. defiantbeast

    defiantbeast Well-Known Member

    The thing is that hardware wise the my touch wins hands down forget the sd card thing for one sec and you still have hspa+, more ram, better build quality (varies depending on your taste), a flash for your camera, an actual camera button, 2nd gen processor, all that not counting the fact that you can expand the memory to 32gb. The only advantage that the nexus s might have is software support for the latest updates, but you can always root and flash a custom rom that will give you the feel of stock with all the advantages i mentioned.
  9. LunchBB

    LunchBB Android Enthusiast

    Coming from Nexus One with vanilla android, now with myTouch 4G, it's like a wonderland. All the customization makes it a luxurious phone.

    Just as simple as in the dialer, I can use the dial pad to dial my friend's name and it will filter the list. This was a feature windows mobile (pre ver 7) has.

    Nexus S has gingerbread. the difference between 2.2 to 2.3 is not as big as from 2.1 to 2.2. Other might say getting the Google brand phone you will get faster OS update in the future... I can tell you, my Nexus One is still on 2.2 even thought 2.3 is already out for a while.

    MyTouch 4G has my vote. :)
  10. rubi76

    rubi76 Well-Known Member

    When my Nexus S reset completely and wouldn't boot up, with all my data inside (it doesn't have an external sd card...) I promised myself I will return it the next day.
    I luckily got out of it (took 3 hours and I had to wipe everything out) and saved the data.
    The next day I went to Best Buy and returned it.

    After the samsung behold 2 I should have known better.... this one lasted even less than that one in my book.

    NO MORE SAMSUNG. HTC, like the Nexus one I enjoyed for a year, has good built and lasts long. For the features read the posts above you. May I only add that the Samsung S took 4-6 hours to charge and the battery was very bad.
    The mytouch 4g takes 1-2 hours and the battery lasts all day long.
  11. LunchBB

    LunchBB Android Enthusiast

    Having use the Galaxy Tab with Samsung UI, everything looks cartoony and iphone wanna be. They messed up simple things like music playback in background, and email span one line per paragraph without word wrapping. I told myself, I won't go for another Android product made by Samsung.

    Poor Samsung Vibrant users wont' get the 2.2 upgrade. Some people managed to get it but have to install a program called Klies (?) to a PC (no Mac) update through USB. Hello.. everybody now do it over the air. It's still function like Windows CE, Windows Palm-size PC, Windows Mobile needs ActiveSync.

    MT4G on the other hand is well polished. Big thumbs up
  12. Kimbernator

    Kimbernator Member

    As others are saying, the hardware for the mt4g is much better. And while the nexus s has 2.3 now, i can almost guarantee that the mt4g will get it later.
  13. LunchBB

    LunchBB Android Enthusiast

    MT4G might never get 2.3, but by that time, I am sure I already move on to a newer and better phone.

    All these new OS version updates are more like myth. Got them and consider yourself lucky. I did get Nexus one update OTA from 2.1 to 2.2 before everybody else has 2.2. However, Nexus One is still on 2.2.
  14. ThatHarlemKat

    ThatHarlemKat Newbie

    It is pales in importance to me to be the 1st to latest updates, when I am using vastly Superior hardware on a daily basis. There is isn't a single thing the NS does better than MT4G. I lost my Nexus One in a taxi in NYC during the holidays. Considered "upgrading" to the NS, natural progression I reasoned. I was so underwhelmed by the fit, finish and feature set of the NS that I went to t-mobile and got the G2. Nice phone, very nice phone comparing very favorable to the N1, however, I wanted the ffc of the MY4G and traded. I love this phone, it is an substantial upgrade from the N1 and has so much more than the NS
  15. pilipino101

    pilipino101 Lurker

    My friend currently has an Nexus S, however when I was planning on buying a new phone, he quickly referred me to the Mytouch 4g. He let me use his nexus for 1 day to see it. The phone itself felt fragile, and like a toy. I was ok with it, until I bought the mytouch. The difference was huge. Not only was it built waaaaaaay better, but the interface was galaxies away in terms of interactivity. It made the nexus feel like a nintendo DS. lol The basic features of the mytouch far outnumbered nexus. My friend even asked if he could trade me his phone for mine. I refused. :3
  16. Ooh another MT4G vs NS thread :O nailed it so many times on XDA, stick with MT4G you will be fine regardless of what Samsung fanboys tell you as NS is no match for MT4G. lol @ anyone who is dumb enough to start Hummingbird vs Snapdragon or SGX540 vs AMD Z460 here. Also I am aware of 4000+ benchmark on NS as its fluke so don't bring it up here.
  17. smokeman

    smokeman Lurker

    well, okay, i'll throw a wrench in the works. i used to have the first nexus and loved it. simple, fast, it customized well enough for me, it synced with my google and yahoo email accounts so fast it was scary. unfortunately, i broke it. went to the mytouch 4g and i hate the thing. it's slow as hell. i'm guessing t-mobile's bloatware is bogging it down. they added a bunch of their own stuff, and i find all of it useless. the only way the battery lasts a day is if i don't use the phone. the thing is just aggravating. and i only use it for simple stuff. phone, text, and email is about all i do. if i want/need more data support than that, i go to my laptop. i find the screens on all these phones so small that internet usage is just too troublesome

    buy the phone that does what you need well. i'll go back to the nexus when they put the sd card in
  18. ecdysiast

    ecdysiast Lurker

    I have an N1 and a MT4G. The problem with the MT is the Sense skin, which is loaded with bloatware; and some of the HTC programs don't work well. For example, the HTC Mail program won't download attachments from Exchange 2010. The interfaces on the HTC People program and the bookmarks overlay to the browser are annoying--who needs "myfaves?"

    The MT seems substantially built, but is bigger and heavier than the N1. It does have 4G (best I've ever seen is about 7.5Mb/s) and a front facing camera, but you have to have a need to use the former.

    You can get rid of a lot of the MT bloat by temprooting using Visionary (r11 is preferred to r14 for the MT) then Titanium Backup Pro to "freeze" the annoying apps; they're not erased, but they don't turn on and they don't appear in the app drawer. Once they're frozen you don't have to temproot to keep them that way, either. But I generally temproot on every boot so I can use other programs that require root. I don't reboot that often, either.

    MT4G would be a great competitor for the N1 if it didn't have Sense.

  19. BoboTheTwit

    BoboTheTwit Lurker

    Hello forum. This is my first anything on this thread, so bear with me.

    I too am comparing these 2 phones, and as someone has said before,
    Nexus S: + fast updates, stock android, better screen - plastic, no sd card slot

    MT4G: + build quality, sense (im not a fan), physical buttons - slow updates, bloatware, heavier, smaller and less vibrant screen

    HayWire it seems you havent posted in a while, so maybe you've already decided.

    If I were you, I would get the MT4G if you are the kind of person that drops things, knows how to remove sense, or likes physical buttons. Get the Nexus S if you are careful with your things, want better battery life, dont hate samsung, and likes up to date vanilla.

    Another phone you should look at is the T-Mobile G2x (by LG). It has a dual core tegra 2 processor, stock android (but slow updates for some reason?), seems to have a premium build (metal accents), and can be found for under $100.

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