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Support MT4G wont reboot

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by toxicdawn, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. toxicdawn

    toxicdawn New Member
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    Aug 9, 2011
    I had freezing issues, my mytouch 4g would just end a call and i'd have to take out the battery and restart it or it would freeze on a screen, even the start screen ans wouldn't do anything and i'd have to take out the battery and restart it. I tried deleting apps to make it stop doing this but nothing was working. I talked on my phone the other night and as soon as i hung up it froze, i tried restarting it and now all it will do is go to the mytouch 4g boot screen, but it wont boot up. usually it would flash that screen and go to the sceen with the green dot the wrote my in the center then reboot, but it wont go past the mytouch 4g screen.
    I have tried holding the volume down button and set back to factory settinfs, but all that did was sit on the skateboarding androids screen until the battey died, I have tried this many times both with and without my sim and SD cards in.
    I have tried recovery and my phone acts like its going to restart then flashes and phone with a red triangle and exclamation point on it and wont do anything, wont even come back on until i take the battery out and put it back in and turn it on again.
    I'm at a loss as what to do so any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance for helping me


  2. famished

    famished Well-Known Member

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