Root MTDEV Must take a break for the holidays


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If any of you guys are reading this - now is the time for spending time with family, going places, and relaxing and exchanging gifts. No work should be done from now until at least the day after Christmas. Take off until January if you want. Now, if you see someone who thinks they've bricked their phone or broken something, help them out if possible. I will to since nobody wants to spend time off without technology around here. :D But if I see one you you guys code, I will flip out like one of your wives. :) So no work. I am no means slave driving anyone, but if you don't take a break from working now you will start the new year with your brains fried. And you will only hurt yourself. I will hang out around here and try to help anyone if that gives you guys some time. I know there are things we can update, but I don't care if you put a gun to my head (figuratively speaking) I will not tell you what to update, since there is now a mandatory break. You'd have to be clinically a madman to want to work during the holidays. The only thing I've had to nag you guys about is overworking yourselves. And considering how most people I know are too lazy, (and you all are the opposite) all of your families and employers definitely have something they are blessed with. :) Here's to hoping you guys get shiny new technology and expensive beer and coffee for Christmas.


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Also a friendly reminder.
If anyone gets a new VM phone for Christmas, remember there may be devs who could benefit from your old Triumph. Check around and see (if you're willing to donate)
It's a great way to give back if you have benefited from their work but never had $ to donate ;)


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I would give those guys my phone, but I am still sticking around here. I have an FAQ to update, and I am testing test ROMs on it and reporting back to MTDEV. Nexus 4 may have its downs, but it has so few issues compared to the Triumph. In short, they don't need my help. So here I am, hoping to do something productive. :D