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MTP to Note?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SteveH0773, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. SteveH0773

    SteveH0773 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi All,
    I'm currently waiting for new Note to arrive, replacing my trusty but tired HTC Desire.
    While I wait for it to arrive, does anyone know if the Note will allow USB transfer of pictures from a Nikon camera? The camera uses MTP (Media transfer protocol) and works fine with my Motorola Xoom, but that runs on Honeycomb, not Gingerbread...

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. xxbazhxx

    xxbazhxx Member

    well as the note (international that i know of) also uses mtp and has otg capabilities i would hazard a guess and say yes to your question, however as i have'nt tried it myself to say for sure but all the evidence points to a positive outcome.
    if you could be so kind as to let us know how you get on it would be benificial to others who maybe thinking the same thing :)
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  3. SteveH0773

    SteveH0773 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks Bazh,
    My Note should arrive today, so by the time I get out with my camera, I'll post back over the weekend with the results... Being able to dump pics off a camera when away for the weekend will be a real plus, and save fiddling with memory cards in the camera! :)
  4. Rojhan

    Rojhan Newbie

    I have tried, pictures can be transferred from Sony camera, so I assume it should work fine with Nikon.
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  5. SteveH0773

    SteveH0773 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks Rojhan,
    That's good to know! Like you say, there shouldn't be a problem but I'll confirm as soon as I can just for anyone else searching in the future.

  6. SteveH0773

    SteveH0773 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Well, my note arrived and is as awesome as expected! I shouldn't be getting so excited by gadgets at my age, but who cares!
    Connecting the camera up transfers files with no problem as expected... And using one of the many apps on the market, you can even transfer the RAW (NEF on Nikon) files (Uncompressed, large image files) to your phone to free up space on the camera.

  7. nope327

    nope327 Lurker

    How do you go about transferring the photos over? I am using CF cards on my D700. Anyone know where I can maybe get a cable or something? I am trying to do this without a computer, just Galaxy Note and Camera.
  8. nope327

    nope327 Lurker

    Anyone have an idea?
  9. Pinmac1

    Pinmac1 Android Enthusiast

    I'd like to know this too. Is it a question of just plugging in a cable between the 2 or is it by using the MTB cable I have read about and plugging a card reader in to this?
  10. varunshivhare

    varunshivhare Lurker


    i was also having the same issue when i purchased my gnote. i format it several time and updated it to final version 4.0.4. but MTP error was still scratching my head. Finally i got the solution. Keep it in mind that there is no problem with your PC neither with gnote. the main culprit is the APPS which you would have downloaded that prevent gnote to get connected to the PC due to some crappy security reasons. Do this to solve the issue:

    1. go to settings>security>device administrators.
    2. delete what ever is the device administrator since it is creating problem in your note due to some security reasons.
    3. BOOM problem solved.

    Now connect your gnote to PC. KIES will detect it and you are done.


  11. Pinmac1

    Pinmac1 Android Enthusiast

    Not sure that this is the right thread? Does remind me that I never solved this though. Took my Note and an OTG cable with me in the hope that I could plug my SD card reader into it and transfer the pics across but I couldn't get it to work. It would recognise that there was a form of storage there but that was it. Has anyone managed to get an SD card reader to work or should I be trying to plug a cable between the camera and the Note?

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