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Mugen Battery - You MUST be kidding me!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by CoachWade, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. CoachWade

    CoachWade Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So, I thought I'd solved the power problems by shelling out twice the price of a standard cell phone just to get an extended battery from Mugen power. This is the 3600mAh monstrosity.

    I was pretty pleased to see that it didn't make the phone all that large, and after a full 16 hours of use on it's first charge, it was still at 51%, and I used it pretty heavily yesterday.

    Today, however, the wheels came off. The Mugen battery cover that is required because the battery is too large to fit in the phone without it, is made of solid plastic.

    The GPS antenna for the HTC Sensation is located in the battery cover.

    I'll let you draw the inevitable conclusion, but if anyone's having trouble putting two and two together: using the Mugen battery means NEVER USING GPS AGAIN!

    I have emailed Mugen regarding the problem, and I expect either a cover that works properly, or a complete refund including 2-way shipping at their expense. This is absurd. I have a choice: dead battery in eight hours of normal use, or don't bother trying to use GPS ever again.

    I mean, seriously, what am I supposed to do with the four navigator apps HTC and T-Mobile stuck on this damn thing that can't be removed?


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  2. gibbs1984

    gibbs1984 Android Expert

    Buy an Anker battery, they've been tried and tested and work well, mine cost me
  3. alanbingham27

    alanbingham27 Well-Known Member

    Gibbs, where did you get your Anker battery? Can you post a link?
  4. CoachWade

    CoachWade Newbie
    Thread Starter

    You can find them on Amazon. That's where I got mine. For some reason I got free shipping and the battery was only like, $14. HOWEVER, there is a twin-pack plus charger there as well. I think it was $35. That should get you super saver shipping in the states. I'm not sure what the overseas shipping would be.

    @Gibbs: I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE how some people automatically assume I don't know how to use my phone. It just COULDN'T be that the HTC has a crappy battery in it, could it? It couldn't possibly be that the ginormous screen they crow about uses almost 35% more power than the nearest competitor's screen does, could it?

    I didn't spend this kind of money to NOT use the phone. I didn't plunk down an upgrade price of $288 (more than my last four phones COMBINED) to NOT be able to check my email, NOT read a webcomic when I choose, or NOT check the weather when I'm out and about. I paid that kind of money specifically so I would have a SMARTPHONE, not a lump of plastic sitting in my pocket with all of the features turned off. (The brilliant battery saver idea some PAID REVIEWER WROTE about the Sensation: put it in airplane mode. Do I need to explain to anyone how preposterous that is?)

    I guess I just don't know how to use my phone. Glad you're here to help. Good thing I'm reading all these forums so I can get edjumacated like you, huh? (Actually, I've been reading every article I can find on extending Sensation battery life in specific, and Android battery life in general, since the day after I brought this phone home in June.)

    In point of fact, sarcasm aside, the Mugen battery works fine. It's the case, which has had issues. Now, I admit that I'm starting to lose my temper with Mugen because they haven't returned my emails yet, but I'm a lot MORE pissed at HTC for selling a $585 (retail) phone that can't make it through a frickin' workday AS A SMARTPHONE on the stock battery. If the stock battery wasn't a piece of shit I wouldn't have had to upgrade to the Mugen, which doesn't fit in the battery compartment and requires a different battery cover-- which is causing the GPS antenna fault. Trace the problem back to the original cause and it's some jackass engineer at HTC that thought a 53% drain in three hours and 49 minutes was acceptable.

    I apologize for my tone in the earlier part of this post, but I find the suggestion that I'm too dumb to operate a cell phone to be faintly offensive. Google the phrase "HTC Sensation battery problems." I am NOT the only person having these issues. There are several people in this very forum complaining about 8-10 hour battery life, which is HALF what the iPhone 4 gets. (Like it or not, EVERY smartphone is going to be compared to the iPhone, just like EVERY motorcycle is compared to Harley Davidson. We Android users need to come to terms with that.)

    I apologize for my snarkiness, but can we please assume that, by age 37, after sixteen years as an electronics technician in the United States Armed Forces, and four years as a professional educator, I've figured out how to operate most electronics devices? Hell, I can even program my own VCR! (Does anyone remember what those are?)

    I don't have all the answers, though, which is why I'm here. Your suggestion about the Anker battery was a good one, but I went that route and noticed a slight-- not fantastic-- improvement. Remember the Anker is only about 450mAh more than the stock, so you're looking at only about 2-3 hours additional life, depending on how the phone is used. The main battery killer is the screen, which is why I tend to run at 3% brightness or less most of the time. Until I got the Mugen I didn't bother with live wallpaper, either.

    I did finally abandon HTC Sense, which I understand can make a big difference in battery life. (Hard to say, I stopped using it the same day I started using the Mugen.) I've instead installed GO Launcher EX. Thus far I really like it. (Although it makes me curious what other launchers are out there to play with.)

    I have not rooted. I can't afford to replace this phone if I brick it. Given that my New Year's Resolutions were: Learn Spanish, Learn to play the Harmonica, Run a Tough Mudder, and lose 40 pounds and I only managed to accomplish two of those, "Learn to root Sensation" probably isn't going to make it into the plans for 2012, either.

  5. johncf

    johncf Well-Known Member

    agree with coach, if i only use my phone for text and email then i get a full day out of it.

    if i do any more like playing a game at lunch, or watching a few vids, then the battery lasting less than 8 hours is a sure thing.

    For exmple, i was at home the other day just taken it off charge ( was full ) proceeded to watch le funny LOL's on you tube for about 40 mins, browsed for an hour, and played some furious avians , this resulted in the battery bar turning yellow and an hour later i was on power saver.

    i just accept as a heavy user i have to have a mid day charge, i work in an office so it no problem for me to have it docked, so i dont usually naotice the battery issue.
  6. mecart

    mecart Lurker

    Hello, dear friend from the past!

    I recently received my new Mugen battery for my HTC Sensation, and am currently suffering the same problems you did:
    * Stock battery lasting usually around 8-9 hours
    * GPS never locks with Mugen cover
    * People don't believe that stock battery lasts 8-9 hours.

    Were you able to solve the GPS problem? I'm going to try to contact Mugen, or maybe also try to extend the GPS antenna myself with some wire or something... still not sure which way to go.
  7. SEMIJim

    SEMIJim Android Enthusiast

  8. mecart

    mecart Lurker

    I did get a "replacement", which looked pretty much the same... but it seems to work, most of the time. Whenever it doesn't, I just open the case, "clean" the terminals close to the bottom, and put it again.

    I haven't had any more problems for the most part.

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