multi home apps running???


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ok so to make a educated decision, i downloaded from the market, home++ and GDE. so technically with default home app, i now have three to choose from. noticed that when press my home button it wants me to decide what home app to use and all three come up.

my ? is.... does this mean that all 3 are running? is this sucking the life out of my phone? i have heard the whole android moves memory to running apps thing so i am wondering should i remove one of them since i cant remove the default one?

just wonderin


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Download Advance Task Manager and you will be able to see for yourself which apps are running. Note: There are other task managers that do the same thing for you. I just use the ATM.


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I only have two, but seems like both are always running. For the most part this doesn't seem to be an issue. But, remember that widgets you place on any of the homescreens will also be running, seemingly concurrently if you have them on multiple home apps. My understanding is that widgets can also affect battery life and performance, so I've killed those on the non-default home app. I haven't done a robust comparison of performance/battery before and after doing this tho...maybe someone with more in-depth knowledge on the matter knows something?