Apps Multi-support screen problem?


I develop a app in Android 2.2, I want to run it on tablet with resolution 800X480 & extra large screen 1280X800, its running but images not fit on tablet? What can i do so that the images fit in tablet? I am putting my images in mdpi folder for device and HDPI for tablet with same name of images, but tablet not picking images from HDPI, Its picking from MDPI, showing small images on Tablet. I am new in this field, Help me or Any suggestion.
Thanks in Advance.


Unfortunately multiple screen size support is a bit tricky on Android.
A very good start is the article at

Supporting Multiple Screens | Android Developers

which explains resolution and density concepts in Android.

For tablets, normally a 10' 1280x800 tablets as a 160/180 dpi density so it uses MDPI directory while a phone 4' 800x480 uses the HDPI.
You can create a large-mdpi and/or large-hdpi directory specifically for tablets (with a 7' or more screen) and put your graphics there.