Multi-Touch - Add more touches?


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We all know that capacitive screens allow for multi-touch and most phones have simultaneous touch points which allow for things like pinch-to-zoom.

That being said, my phone [Huawei Mercury] can only recognize 2 touch points at a time while other phones can read 5.

Would it be possible to add more simultaneous touch points by flashing a custom ROM or Kernel to the phone?


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I'm not sure if it is a software or hardware limitation in our case, but I do know the Huawei Ascend 2 shipped without any multi touch at all, but when the devs started poking around in the ROM, they discovered that multi touch was actually in there, but Huawei had disabled it for some odd reason. The devs turned it back on in the custom ROMs and it apparently works fine. So I guess it could be possible unless it is hardware related.