Aug 18, 2015
Hello everyone.

I am trying to make embedded list views. Anyone know of any good tutorials around? I can't find a single youtube video on this or even an article written on how to do this. I have a very large graph with a bunch of nodes that I wannt turn into a navigational interface with listviews. The very bottom nodes all the children will all be fragmented activities.
So I basically want to do this

I was thinking of putting all the data in a JSON file and parsing that into listviews? But then again, I have no idea how to do this.
Any help would be great.
A thought.

How about implementing a pure Java with a multi-dimensional array, load the list items into the array, then use multiple fragments with Listeners as interfaces AND replace fragments when user clicks the back button.

You will probably need a frame layout in your XML as a sort of fragment container and use the fragment manager to get each of the fragment transactions as the user cascades down the list items and then back up using the back button. It's going to be hard work.

Think that approach might work?

Please keep me informed of your progress.

What does LV426 think?
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