Help Multiple app errors


Hey everyone,

This morning i woke up to find my phone with a "android.process.acore has stopped" error that would pop up as soon as I clicked ok. I managed to reboot and the message came up again, along with the same error from other apps. I can't even turn on the wifi. Do you guys have any ideas on what it might be? Thanks in advance.


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From the article located here: How To Fix Common Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems [Part 18]

Solution: This is a bug in Android affecting the way it handles contacts information. To fix this issue simply follow the steps below.

  • Menu > Settings > More > Applications
  • Under applications swipe over to “ALL”
  • Scroll down until you get to “Contacts Storage”
  • Once in there, choose “Clear Data” and the issue should go away.


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Sooo, it's going to be like that Huh? And I thought I had found a quick easy fix.
O.K. from what I can find your next step is to backup because this is going to wipe out your contacts. Then clear data and cache for both Contacts Storage and Contacts.