Help Multiple Calenders w/ ONE exchange account


Hello everyone,

I really need some help with this, which I have been researching for hours now. We recently purchased my wife an HTC EVO 3D, she absolutely loves the device, with no complaints other then the fact it will not sync multiple calenders from her ONE exchange account. She needs this for work, and is frustrated because her old device (Bleh iPhone) did this without a hitch. Does anyone know how I can accomplish getting both calenders, other then only the main, to display in her calender? It's vital for her work. ANY help is appreciated, thank you.

What I've tried:
- Download apps from Android Market (Exchange by Touchdown, Fliq Calender, etc..)
- Using Google calender sync, which didn't help what-so-ever.
- Even went as far as borrowing a Moto Photon, hooking her exchange account up to the device (Which worked 100% perfectly) then finding the corpcal.apk that the phone uses and tried to get that running on the phone with no luck.

Please, there has to be someone else out there who has this figured out. I told her to simply root the device, but she's not interested in losing out on 4G and 3D pictures/videos.

Once again, thank you to anyone who helps!