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Dec 20, 2009
Clearwater, FL
Hey guys, haven't been here in a while. I apologize for starting a new thread, but i just really need some help. If you can provide me with links that answer my questions, I will gladly look through them.

1. Right now I have 2.1 running,i believe it was one of the leaks that came out.
2.26.605.4 CL140744 release-keys

Can i go back to 1.5 in order to receive the OTA with 2.1 from verizon? Or what is my best move right now should be? I am really not up-to-date with android, but i dont think i want root. I just want to be able to get verizon updates at this moment.

2. Considering that i have 2.1 already, why dont i see skype in app market?

I had some more questions, but i can't remember them now =(
No, you cannot go back to 1.5 if you are on one of the leaks.

Best bet in your situation would be to install the v3 leak (nearly identical to the OTA), then do a factory data reset. You will then have access to the Market apps that you are not seeing on your earlier leaked os.
Better put on your flame suit..

Yeah, but I'll try to be nice. I don't know the different versions by heart, but with a leaked version you CANNOT go back to 1.5. Maybe by some miracle someone will ROOT the leaks sometime in the future.

If you cannot see the copy protected apps in the Market, then you are most likely on v1 or v2 of the leak. If you flash the v3 leak, you will be able to see all copy protected apps.
So Caddyman says there is no reason to install the v3 leak?

There are a few bug fixes in the v3 leak (embedded pics in gmail are now viewable, missing marketplace apps now in marketplace, and 1 or two other "bugs.").

My v3 runs better and has less lag than either of the previous leaks.
So Caddyman says there is no reason to install the v3 leak?

I don't think he said that (he gave v3 to us after all :)). If you already have a leaked version, and therefore will probably not get the OTA or be able to root, you should get the most recent leak, which is v3.

Also, I believe that installing the leak will automatically do a factory reset. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong. :p