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Multiple Questions about Samsung droid charge

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by salilsurendran, May 26, 2012.

  1. salilsurendran

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    I recently rooted my phone and installed Eclipse 2.0 on my phone. I had quite a few problems with it afterwards:
    1. Even though I registered the new install with the same google account my paid apps as well as free apps are not getting automatically downloaded to the phone.
    2. Ever since I did the new install my screen is not automatically adjusting itself in bright sunlight and this is especially noticeable when I am driving around using my google navigation. I have setup options to auto - adjust brightness.
    3. I sometimes notice that even now my CPU spikes up and my phone appears frozen(though it is lot less frequent with the new install). I was wondering if there is any app that will record a history of which app is using cpu. I don't need an app that tells me which app is using cpu right now because when the phone is frozen I can't use that app anyway but I want an app that will record which app used cpu 5-10 minutes ago and possibly give me a graph.
    4. With the new eclipse install I got an app called 'Car Home' that automatically starts up when it connects to my car bluetooth. Is there any app that can have my phone automatically play a playlist, pandora etc.?
    5. In Google navigation I see that it brings up a history of locations that I had previously visited but many times a place that I had visited a couple of days ago is not there, I guess since the app based upon time of the week tries to predict where you will be travelling next. Is there any way to search history or any place that Google nav stores history?

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