Apr 19, 2012
Hopefully I'm posting in the right spot.

So a friend of mine is getting multiple text notifications on his phone. He currently has a Razr, but he's had a bunch of different droids in the past couple years and they've all done this initially(until he does a manufacturer's reset). Every phone he gets does this at first, whether it's new or refurbished.

What happens is this:

He gets the message in his stock messaging app(which is the one he uses), and a second later gets another one from an unknown source.

It appears in the status bar, and makes the stock "Droid" notification noise. The duplicate does not appear in the stock app. The only place to find it is in the notification bar. When you press on it from the dropdown, it disappears but doesn't take you to an inbox or app of any kind. There's also no way to change the notification noise, as we don't know where to find the notification (the stock app makes the notification he chooses, but the phantom one is always stock Droid notification).

He has never had the "Missed Call" app. He downloaded Handcent once a long time ago, but didn't like it and never really used it. He's called Verizon and spoken to many many reps who all say it's nothing on their end.

The interesting thing is that the symbol for the notification looks like an HTC Sense notification. He's never used an HTC. I know a thing or two about a thing or two and I am completely stumped. Like I said, this has been going on for over a year, and across a great many devices. Any help would be much appreciated!

Edit: okay, I was wrong about the notification. Pressing on it doesn't make it disappear. The only way is to hit the "clear" button. Also, it looks like the handcent envelope icon. Does anyone know of a service Handcent has that would cause this and how to stop it? We're also contacting Handcent, but maybe someone here will get back with us more quickly.